Booyal Causeway Restoration & Upgrade


Location: Booyal, QLD (between Childers & Gin Gin)

Client: Bundaberg Regional Council

Principal Contractor: SCC

Engineers: Opus

Start Date: April 2015

Finish Date: forecast end July 2015

Value: $1,005,000

Contract Type: SOR

Scope of Works:

BRC engaged SCC to carry out restoration and upgrade works to the causeway across the Burnett River that was up to 100 years old. Effectively the entire 190m long causeway was demolished and rebuilt whilst under normal river flows.

The works included:

·       Installation of 3200 x 1200 RCBC’s

·       Construction of toe walls, batters and roadway consisting of approximately 700m3 of concrete

·       Excavation of rock in footings and keys.

·       Construction of two geotextile and rock lined fishways

·       Rock protection works

·       Reshaping of the river channel to facilitate low level flows through the RCBC’s

·       New road furniture


·       Tight time frame due to restriction in funding

·       Small window of opportunity during release of river flows from nearby Paradise Dam

·       Work under water levels

·       Environmental restraints working within a major river

·       Restricted access