Sunshine Coast Project Management (SCPM) is committed to providing high value services to construction associated industries, bridging the widening gap between available skilled resources and demand by strategically applying 25 years of construction management experience. Our knowledge, gained through the delivery of a diverse range of infrastructure projects including water and wastewater treatment plants, bridges, dams, pipelines, marinas, mine infrastructure, bulk earthworks, quarrying and highways; provides valuable lessons for owners, designers and contractors.

Led by Peter Fitzgerald, our team includes specialist planners, estimators, senior engineers, technical experts and site superintendents. We provide high value services in the following areas:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Independent Estimating
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Contract Administration
  • Value Engineering/Constructability
  • Team Building/Mentoring
  • Dispute Avoidance

Having been involved with some of Australia’s largest projects SCPM’s collaborative approach to solution finding consistently provides our clients with benefits 25-100 times their investment. Unlike some industry consultants our team remains at the cutting edge by continuous involvement with owners, designers and contractors throughout the project life cycle.